Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Shingle in Amber Whittier, CA

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Owens Corning Oakridge Composition Shingle Estate Grey

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Surfside Village Tile Re-Roofs

Surfside Village Tile Re-Roofs

Removal of existing wood shape roofs and installation of NEW light-weight saxony 600 flat tile in the walnut color (HOA Required), in Port Hueneme, CA

101 Roofing: logo, website, shirts (and beyond)

Thanks Republic Design Company for the awesome work…

Republic Design Company

101 Roofing & Construction commissioned Republic Design Company for the design, implementation, and production of the following 3 projects/elements:

1. re-design of logo/identity
2. website re-deisgn (
3. t-shirt screen-printing (qty.25).

101 Roofing & Construction logo 101 Roofing & Construction Logo

First, as the name of the company evokes, “101 Roofing & Construction,” draws a strong affinity to thee 101 freeway; which runs throughout/connects it’s service area of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties. As-such, we wanted to combine visual similarities of “roofing and/or roofs,” along with the iconic 101 freeway shield. The following are 5 design comps/variations we originally came-up-with…

101_roofing_&_construction_logo_design_comps:variations 101 Roofing & Construction Logo Design Comps/Variations

After client selected logo/identity (at top of this wordpress entry), we then proceeded to create an online presence as featured at

Client specified that they wanted to be featured on a vast array of popular social media platforms, (facebook, twitter,

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Cedar Shingle Roof Removal in Oxnard, CA

101 Roofing & Construction performing cedar shingle roof removal in Oxnard, CA.